Funky Collector, Vol. 9

Ohio Players (Artiste)
One Way (Artiste)
Rick James (Artiste)
Stephanie Mills (Artiste)
Joe Coleman (Artiste)
Roy Ayers (Artiste)
Al Hudson (Artiste)
Creative Source (Artiste)
Lenny Williams (Artiste)
Ultra Funk (Artiste)
The Bar-Kays (Artiste)
Wizzdom (Artiste)
Harvey Mason (Artiste)
Sun (Artiste)
Alvin Fields (Artiste)
Search (Artiste)
George Duke (Artiste)
Keith Barrow (Artiste)
Millie Scott (Artiste)
The Originals (Artiste)
Sweet Talks (Artiste)
The Whatnauts (Artiste)
John Tropea (Artiste)
L.A. Boppers (Artiste)
Atmosfear (Artiste)
Executive Suite (Artiste)
Raydio (Artiste)
Chew (Artiste)

  • Who Is He & What Is He to You7:25
  • Music7:10
  • Partyline6:08
  • Get It Off the Ground6:05
  • Thinking About Your Love5:38
  • Turn Me Up11:37
  • Indigo Country4:18
  • Special Delivery4:49
  • Tell Me You Love Me4:31
  • Like the Way You Funk with Me6:30
  • Free Bass7:27
  • In the Dark5:56
  • The Medicine Song6:40
  • What You Waitin' For4:12
  • Do the Beat5:08
  • Down to Love Town5:51
  • Prisoner of Love5:41
  • Groovin' You6:14
  • Choosing You6:07
  • Why in the World Do They Keep On5:49
  • Give It to Me Baby5:45
  • Dancing in Outer Space9:35
  • Give It Up4:31
  • Who She Coo4:29
  • Give Me Some5:57
  • Living in the Jungle6:44
  • Dance9:44
  • Reach Out6:51
  • Legs (Bring the Wolf Out of Me) [Club Mix]5:53
  • Help Is on the Way7:12