Funky Collector, Vol. 3

Ohio Players (Artiste)
One Way (Artiste)
New Horizons (Artiste)
Mystic Merlin (Artiste)
Michael Wycoff (Artiste)
Rick James (Artiste)
Marz (Artiste)
Majik (Artiste)
Mac Band (Artiste)
Leon Haywood (Artiste)
Lemelle (Artiste)
L.T.D. (Artiste)
L.A. Connection (Artiste)
Kwick (Artiste)
Klique (Artiste)
Kinsman Dazz (Artiste)
Midnight Star (Artiste)
Keni Burke (Artiste)
Jerry Knight (Artiste)
I.N.D. (Artiste)
Hi-Tension (Artiste)
Gwen Guthrie (Artiste)
Gordon's War (Artiste)
Gene Chandler (Artiste)
The Gap Band (Artiste)
Finis Henderson (Artiste)

  • Walking the Line5:46
  • Act Like You Know6:30
  • Skip to My Lou4:59
  • Party Train5:41
  • Get Down8:16
  • The Rock Is Gonna Get You6:07
  • It Should Have Been You7:00
  • How D'you Feel5:27
  • Spyrm of the Moment5:17
  • Do It All for You3:57
  • You're the Best5:37
  • Midas Touch6:34
  • Get Down with the Feeling4:05
  • I Can't Shake This Feeling5:46
  • I Wanna Dance with You6:50
  • Get It Up4:33
  • Back in Love Again3:41
  • You Got Something Special6:26
  • Don't Push Don't Force It5:24
  • Roses Are Red5:49
  • You Gotta Get Up6:51
  • Break It Up8:55
  • Seriously5:32
  • Dance Wit' Me7:22
  • You Wouldn't Have to Work at All4:58
  • (Do You Really Love Me) Tell Me Love7:40
  • Can't Stop Dancin'4:43
  • Get Ready, Let's Have a Party6:05
  • Skin Tight7:56
  • Give Me One More Chance4:45