Funky Collector, Vol. 1

Maze (Artiste)
RÜFÜS (Artiste)
The Commodores (Artiste)
Ohio Players (Artiste)
One Way (Artiste)
Rick James (Artiste)
Marz (Artiste)
Kwick (Artiste)
Klique (Artiste)
I.N.D. (Artiste)
Gwen Guthrie (Artiste)
The Gap Band (Artiste)
Con Funk Shun (Artiste)
Lakeside (Artiste)
Xavier Work (Artiste)
Al Hudson (Artiste)
Hidden Strenght (Artiste)
The Bar-Kays (Artiste)
Chaka Khan (Artiste)
Mandrill (Artiste)
Parliament (Artiste)
Cameo (Artiste)
Moses Tyson (Artiste)
Central line (Artiste)
Lanier & Co. (Artiste)
Cymande (Artiste)

  • Let's Have Some Fun6:02
  • Back in Stride7:02
  • Bustin' Loose7:43
  • Hustle on Up (To the Bump) [Club Mix]10:06
  • Brothers on the Slide4:09
  • Funk-O-Nots4:53
  • Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off Sucker) [Club Mix]5:48
  • Get Up to Get Down6:28
  • Fencewalk5:32
  • I Just Want to Be6:23
  • Why You Gotta Lie6:26
  • The Street Dance7:58
  • Get the Funk Out of My Face5:59
  • I'll Get You Back4:20
  • Burn Rubber on Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) [Club Mix]5:36
  • Brick House6:12
  • Come On Out Let's Party4:11
  • That Sucker to Death6:58
  • Hopscotch7:25
  • Cutie Pie5:29
  • Bustin Out (On Funk) [Club Mix]3:57
  • You Got the Love4:45
  • Night Life5:24
  • You Can Do It7:02
  • You've Said Enough7:47
  • Move It, Groove It6:01
  • Fantastic Voyage6:09
  • Baby You Can Be the One4:03
  • Everybody Likes to Do It5:32
  • Stomp5:22