Sax and the City

4tunes (Artiste)
Guru Sax (Artiste)
Milews (Artiste)
Perelandra (Artiste)
Soul 2 Jazz (Artiste)
KoolSax (Artiste)
The Vibraphones (Artiste)
Cooltrane (Artiste)
Dial J for Jazz (Artiste)
Night Smoothers (Artiste)
Silou Hed One (Artiste)
Swingarette (Artiste)
Wonderphazz (Artiste)
Lazy'n'Cool (Artiste)

  • You Are the Only One for Me4:55
  • The Lights of a Distant Bay4:42
  • Frequently Devine6:21
  • People Can't Stop Chillin5:58
  • Hit Me Up4:25
  • 2Lily Was Here4:13
  • 4Singapore Sling6:28
  • 5Capture the Sun4:55
  • 8Cafe Del Mar Dreams5:15
  • 9Candlelight4:25
  • 10Any Time Any Place4:06
  • 12Late At Night5:06
  • 13The Lost City5:43
  • 15The Smooth Soul of Life5:49