The Wheels On the Bus

Sing Song City (Artiste)

  • 1The Wheels On the Bus0:25
  • 2Humpty Dumpty1:35
  • 3We're Soldiers1:41
  • 4Little Boy Blue1:45
  • 5Let's All Play Along3:00
  • 6Incy Wincy Spider2:00
  • 7Eight Hairy Legs1:54
  • 8The Grand Old Duke of York2:20
  • 9Always Marching1:52
  • 10If You're Happy and You Know It2:07
  • 11Hello Hello1:22
  • 12Cobbler Cobbler1:35
  • 13Silly Sing Song City1:44
  • 14Twinkle Twinkle Little Star2:11
  • 15A Smile in Sing Song City1:35
  • 16Jack and Jill1:33
  • 17All On a Gust of Wind1:47
  • 18Five Little Ducks2:16
  • 19Waddle and Quack1:35
  • 20Hey Diddle Diddle1:32
  • 21A Cow Might Jump2:26
  • 22Little Bo Peep1:38
  • 23He's Mr Snip2:46
  • 24Old King Cole1:53
  • 25The King's Birthday1:33
  • 26Mary Mary1:30
  • 27Looking Here, Looking There1:44
  • 28The Wheels On the Bus0:43

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