Golden Slumbers - Golden Time

Kidzone (Artiste)

  • 1Golden Time Intro0:20
  • 2Rock A Bye Baby2:03
  • 3Twinkle Twinkle Little Star1:50
  • 4Lavender's Blue1:30
  • 5Mary Had A Little Lamb2:40
  • 6Golden Slumbers1:27
  • 7Bye Baby Bunting1:26
  • 8Pussy Cat Pussy Cat2:06
  • 9Teddy Bear Teddy Bear2:21
  • 10Little Boy Blue2:26
  • 11Mocking Bird2:17
  • 12Poor Jenny Is A-Weeping1:58
  • 13Ten In The Bed2:24
  • 14I Love Little Pussy1:55
  • 15Big Ted, Little Ted1:47
  • 16Little Bo Peep1:38
  • 17Golden Time Outro0:16

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