Songs for Playing Games

Kidzone (Artiste)

  • 1Grand Old Duke of York1:40
  • 1Playing Games Theme1:15
  • 2See Saw Margery Daw1:56
  • 4Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes1:54
  • 5The Grand Old Duke of York2:13
  • 5Hide and Seek1:30
  • 6Where Is Thumbkin?2:11
  • 7I'm a Little Teapot2:11
  • 7My Hands Upon My Head I Place1:32
  • 7Five Little Soldiers1:43
  • 8This Old Man2:08
  • 9Simon Says2:36
  • 9One Two Buckle My Shoe1:16
  • 10Roly Poly2:01
  • 141, 2, 3, 40:26
  • 14Pat-a-Cake Pat-a-Cake2:55
  • 14Two Little Hands Go Clap2:05
  • 16Round and Round the Garden1:27
  • 16One Potato, Two Potato3:23
  • 18Open, Shut Them1:15
  • 19Raise Your Hands1:43
  • 19Oranges and Lemons2:07
  • 20The Wheels On the Bus1:54
  • 20Two Little Dicky Birds1:30
  • 23Jack in a Box1:26
  • 24If You're Happy and You Know It1:39
  • 25Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush2:06
  • 25Playing Games1:14
  • 26Girls and Boys Come Out to Play0:33
  • 27Incy Wincy Spider1:14
  • 27Jelly On the Plate0:17
  • 28Betty Botter0:27
  • 30Pat a Cake0:29
  • 31Peter Piper0:30
  • 32Teddy Bear Teddy Bear1:01
  • 33This Little Piggy1:02
  • 37One Finger One Thumb2:12
  • 39Playing Games Theme0:55
  • 47Tommy Thumb1:20

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