Songs for Party Fun

Kidzone (Artiste)

  • 1Head Shoulders Knees and Toes1:54
  • 1If You're Happy and You Know It2:02
  • 2Football Crazy3:12
  • 2Musical Statues4:53
  • 3Ring O Ring O Roses2:13
  • 4Old Macdonald2:17
  • 4Simon Says3:28
  • 5I Am the Music Man2:52
  • 5Bob's Building Medley: Can We Fix It? (Bob the Builder Theme) / Dizzy / Mambo No 510:36
  • 5Dance Around the Islands4:58
  • 6Musical Numbers5:22
  • 11Do You Know the Muffin Man?2:51
  • 13London Bridge Is Falling Down1:12
  • 16Party Fun0:44
  • 18The Farmer's in His Den1:44
  • 21Mr Blobby3:33
  • 21Oranges and Lemons2:03
  • 22If You're Happy and You Know It0:45
  • 27Put Your Finger On Your Nose2:12
  • 34Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush2:21

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